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Please read all the stories. It is best to start with number 1.
It is best if you read them all.
The most important one is number 24, "Jesus and You."

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1. The Start
2. Death
3. The Flood
4. God’s Friend
5. Israel
6. Moses
7. The Passover
8. God’s Law
9. The Snake in the Desert
10. God’s Man
11. Daniel
12. The Son is Born
13. Jesus Starts to Work
14. Jesus Teaches
15. Jesus Helps a Bad Woman
16. Jesus Feeds Many People
17. Jesus Forgives
18. Jesus Heals a Blind Man
19. Jesus Heals a Dead Man
20. Jesus the King
21. Jesus’ Trial
22. Jesus Dies
23. Jesus Comes to Life Again
24. Jesus and You

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