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17. Jesus Forgives

Jesus went into a house. Many people came to hear Him teach. They filled the house. They stood outside. People listened through the windows. There was not room for anyone else.

There was a sick man in that town. He could not move. He had to stay in bed. He heard that Jesus made people well. He could not go to Jesus. He could not move. His friends came to help. The friends picked up his bed. They carried him to the house where Jesus was.

People stood all around the house. They all wanted to hear Jesus. They were in the sick man’s way. They would not move. The sick man’s friends could not get in the door.

The friends looked at the roof. The roof was flat. There was a place to sit on the roof. Stairs went to this part of the roof. The men carried their friend up the stairs. They made a hole in the roof. They could see Jesus now.

They tied ropes to the bed. They picked up the man who could not move. They put his bed through the hole in the roof. They put him down with the ropes. Soon the bed was on the ground. It was in front of Jesus.

Jesus said, "Son, your are forgiven."

Some of the people in the house became angry. They said, "Only God can forgive someone for doing wrong." They did not believe that Jesus was God.

Some sickness is from germs. Some sickness is from accidents. God let this man get sick for doing wrong. Jesus forgave him so he could get well.

Jesus said, "Is it easier to say ‘Get up. Pick up your bed and walk’ or to say ‘you are forgiven?’ The Son of man has the right to forgive people for doing wrong."

Jesus looked at the man. He said, "Get up. Pick up your bed and walk." The man who could not move moved. He got up. His bed was not heavy. He picked it up. He walked away.

Jesus called Himself the Son of man. He also called Himself the Son of God. That is because He is both. He has a very important power. He can forgive people who do wrong.

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