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16. Jesus Feeds Many People

Jesus lived and worked near a large lake. People called the lake "the Sea of Galilee." Jesus went to different towns. He walked or went in a boat. Many people followed Him. They liked to see Him do unusual things. They liked to see sick people made well. They liked Him to make blind people see. They also wanted to hear Jesus teach about God.

Jesus went far into the country. More than 5,000 people came to Him. They listened to Him teach all day. He healed their sick people too. It was a very good day.

They were in the country. There were no stores. The people needed food. Jesus’ helpers came to Him. They said, "Send the people away. They need to go get food."

Jesus said, "You give them food."

His helpers said, "We do not have that much food." A boy had a little food. He had five loaves of bread. He had two small fish.

The boy gave Jesus his food. Jesus’ helpers made the people sit down. Then Jesus prayed. He thanked God for the food. Jesus started breaking the food. He kept breaking it. He kept breaking it and kept breaking it. The five loaves and two fish grew. It became enough food for more than 5,000 people.

The people liked what Jesus had done. They said, "This must be God’s worker." Some people wanted to make Jesus king. It was not God’s time to make Jesus king. Jesus sent the people home. He went away alone to pray.

Jesus’ helpers got into a boat. They started for home. The wind was blowing the wrong way. They could not use a sail. They had to row. The wind was too strong to row well. The boat moved very slowly. It grew dark. Jesus’ friends had to work hard.

Jesus’ friends looked out in the dark. They saw a man. He was walking on the water. They were afraid. They thought he was a spirit.

The man on the water was really Jesus. He said, "Do not be afraid. It is I." Jesus’ helpers were not afraid now. Jesus got into the boat. They came to the shore.

Jesus showed that He had power to feed people. Jesus had power to do unusual things. He showed people that He was truly God.

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