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15. Jesus Helps a Bad Woman

Jesus and his friends walked home from the house of worship. It was a long trip. They went through a place called Samaria. The people there were only part Jewish. These people broke God’s law. They did not worship in the right place. They did not believe all of the Holy Bible.

Jesus and his friends stopped at a city in Samaria. The city people got their water from a well. The well was near the city. Jesus’ friends went to buy food. Jesus was tired. He sat down by the well. He rested. He was alone.

A woman came to the well. She carried a water jar.

Jesus said, "Give me a drink."

The woman was surprised. She said, "You are a Jew. Why are you asking me for a drink?" Most Jews did not like people from Samaria. They would not talk to them at all.

Jesus was different. He loved all people. He said to the woman, "You should ask me for a drink. I could give you living water. You would not get thirsty again."

The woman said, "Give me this water. I will not need to come to the well then."

Jesus did not mean that kind of water. He meant he could give her the Holy Spirit.* He said, "Go call your husband and come here."

The woman said, "I do not have a husband."

Jesus said, "You are telling the truth. You have had five husbands. The man you have now is not your husband."

The woman was surprised. Only God could tell a stranger all about her life. She said, "I see you work for God. We worship God in Samaria. You Jews say we should worship in another place. Who is right?"

Jesus said, "The time has come when it will not matter where you worship. People must worship God with their spirits. They must worship him in truth."

The woman said, "I have heard that the Son** will come. He will tell us all things."

Jesus said, "I am he."

The woman left her water jar. She went back to the city. She said, "A man told me all I ever did. Is not he the coming Son?"**

The city people came to see Jesus. They heard him speak. They believed in Jesus. They asked him to stay and teach them. Jesus stayed for two days.

The woman in Samaria had cheated her husbands. The others in the city had done bad things. Jesus helped them get right with God.

*The Holy Spirit is God

** The woman’s real word was "Christ". Christ is another name for the Son of God. It means the chosen one.

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