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14. Jesus Teaches

Jesus started to teach. Many people listened. Jesus said God would soon rule the world. He told people how to please God.

John told people about Jesus. Two of John’s friends heard him. They came to be with Jesus. One of them was Andrew. Andrew told his brother Peter about Jesus.

Jesus was away from his home when he met Peter and Andrew. It was now time to go home. Jesus spoke to a man named Philip. Jesus said, "Follow me." Philip went with Jesus. Philip saw a friend. He said, "We have found the man the Holy Bible tells about. He is Jesus." The friend did not believe Him at first. Then, he met Jesus. Jesus told him what he had done. He had not been where Jesus could see. The friend knew that Jesus was the Son of God then. He came with Jesus too.

Jesus lived near a big lake. Andrew and Peter also lived by the lake. They were fishermen. They went back to work. One day, Jesus came to the lake. Andrew and Peter were fixing their nets. Jesus said, "Follow me. I will make you fish for men." They already knew Jesus. Now He was asking them to help him. They left their boat. They left their nets. They went with Jesus. They came to two more men. These men were fishermen too. They were brothers named James and John. Jesus asked them to follow Him. They left their boat and nets. They went with Jesus.

Jesus went from town to town. He told people about God. He told them God was going to rule. God wanted to rule in their lives. They should try to please God. Jesus told them how to please God. They should always try to do right. They should think right thoughts. They should want right things. They should try to be holy. They should be good to others.

Jesus was the Son of God. He could do unusual things. Jesus made sick people well. He made blind people see. He made crippled people walk. Jesus did not use medicine. Sometimes he just spoke to the person. Other times, he touched the person. That was all. The people got well at once. Jesus was not magic. Jesus was God. He was showing what God could do.

People came to see Jesus wherever he went. Jesus’ six friends went with Him.

Jesus found a man named Levi. Levi worked for the Romans. Most people did not like Levi. Jesus asked Levi to come with Him. Jesus picked five more men to be with them. He had twelve special helpers now.

Jesus taught all people. He taught these twelve men the most. He gave the twelve men power to do unusual things. They were always with Jesus.

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