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13. Jesus Starts to Work

Jesus was very unusual. Most children did bad things. Jesus never did wrong. He also knew very much about God. Jesus grew up.

Another man began to teach. His name was John. John told people they must change. They must stop doing wrong. They must try to please God. Many of the Jews heard John. Those who were sorry for doing wrong came to him. He baptized the ones who wanted to change. He did this by dipping them in water.

Jesus came to John. Jesus did not need to change. John said Jesus was too good for him. Jesus should dip John in water. Jesus wanted to do the right thing. John baptized Him.

Jesus came out of the water. The Holy Spirit came down on Jesus then. The Holy Spirit is God. John said Jesus was the special Son. He said Jesus would take away the bad things all people have done.

God made Jesus go to the desert alone. He was alone 40 days. Satan came to Jesus in the desert. He did not come in a snake. He came as he was. He was an evil spirit. He tried to get Jesus to do wrong. He acted like Jesus was not the Son of God. He said, "Show me You are the Son of God. Make these rocks into bread."

Jesus was hungry. He did not do what Satan said. Doing what Satan said would be wrong. Jesus said, "The Holy Bible says people do not live only from bread. They will also live by God’s words."

Satan told Jesus to jump down from a high place. He said, "The Holy Bible says God will send angels. They will not let You get hurt."

Jesus said, "The Holy Bible says not to test God." Jumping down would be testing God.

Satan said he was boss over the world. He told Jesus, "Worship me. I will make You boss over the world then."

Jesus said, "The Holy Bible says to worship only God."

Satan gave up. He went away for a time.

Satan tried very hard. He could not make Jesus do wrong. The promised Son must be holy to make others holy. He could only save people from their wrong if He did no wrong. Jesus was holy. He did not do wrong.

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