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12. The Son Is Born

Many years went by. The Hebrews were now called Jews. The Jews were not free any more. The Romans ruled over them. The Romans chose the Jews’ king. The Jews wanted to be a great nation again. They wanted the promised Son to come.

An angel came to see a Jewish woman one day. The woman’s name was Mary. Mary was from David’s family. Mary was not married yet. The angel told her she was going to have a Son.

Mary said, "How can I have a Son? I have never been with a man."

The angel said God was going to make a Son in her body. Her Son would really be the Son of God. He was the Son that God promised to Adam and Eve. He would make people holy again.

Mary had planned to get married. She was to marry Joseph. Joseph heard Mary was going to have a child. The child was not his. He thought Mary had been bad. Joseph was a good man. He would not to marry her.

An angel came to Joseph. He told him Mary had not been bad. Her child was the Son of God. He said to marry her. Joseph and Mary got married.

The Romans made a law. The law said everyone must be counted. Everyone must go to his family’s town. Joseph and Mary went to Joseph’s town. They called the town Bethlehem. It was where David had lived.

Many people came to be counted. There was no room at the hotel. Joseph and Mary stayed in a barn. Mary’s special Son was born in the barn. They had no bed. Mary put the baby in a box of hay. The hay was for animals to eat. They named the child Jesus.

God’s Son had been born. He was also the Son of a human. He was part of David’s family. He was just like any baby. He was also different from other children. Other children were only human. Jesus was a human, and He was God too.

God sent angels to the country. They found some Jewish men caring for sheep. The angels told the men the Son was in Bethlehem. The men went to see Mary’s child.

Some wise men came from a country far away. They saw a star. God used that star to tell them His Son was born. The star helped them find Jesus. The wise men worshiped Jesus. They gave Him gifts.

The king heard about the Son of God. He knew Jesus would be king someday. He was jealous. He tried to kill Jesus. Joseph and Mary ran away. They took Jesus to Egypt. They stayed there until the king died. They went home then.

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