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11. Daniel

King David grew old. He made one of his sons king. David died. His son was good at first. He married evil women. He began to do wrong with them. He grew old and died.

God punished David’s son. He took most of the nation away from David’s family. They only ruled in the south now. New kings ruled in the north. The new kings were all bad. Some of David’s family were bad and some were good.

The Hebrews in the north grew very bad. They even killed their own children. God caused an enemy to come. The enemy took them away.

The Hebrews in the south did better sometimes. They also became evil. God sent an enemy to them too. This enemy took many of the Hebrews away. They were his slaves.

One of the slaves was Daniel. Daniel worked for the enemy king. Daniel tried to be holy. The king told his slaves to eat his food. God did not allow Hebrews to eat that kind of food. Daniel asked for a test. In the test, Daniel and his friends ate Hebrew food. They did not get sick. They did very well. They could eat Hebrew food after the test.

The king had a dream. The dream scared him. He called his wise men. He wanted to know what the dream meant. Most wise men asked evil spirits what dreams meant. They could not ask if they did not know the dream. The king forgot the dream. They could not help him. The king said they must die.

Daniel prayed to God. God made him have a dream. Daniel’s dream was like the king’s dream. God told Daniel what the dream meant. The dream was about the kings who would rule the world. The Son would rule forever when He came. Daniel told the king what God said.

Daniel was a great man after that. God spoke to him again and again. Daniel lived in an evil place. He worked for evil kings. Daniel did right. He loved God. He showed the evil people what was right.

New kings came after many years. One of them said no one must pray to God. Daniel still prayed to God. The king put Daniel with some lions. God stopped the lions from hurting Daniel.

One new king let the Hebrews go back to their land. They became a big nation again. Many Hebrews tried to obey God. God sent men to help them. God told these men the Son would come.

God quit speaking for many years. There was trouble. The Hebrews still remembered God’s promises. They waited for the Son to come to them.

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