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10. God’s Man

The Hebrews came to their new home at last. They built houses. They made cities. They grew crops. They also did wrong.

They made friends with evil people. The new friends worshiped stone images. They said gods lived in the images. These gods were really evil spirits. The Hebrews forgot God. They worshiped the evil spirits. They did other bad things. They even hurt their children.

For many years the Hebrews did wrong. God let their enemies hurt them. They were sorry then. God forgave them. He sent judges to set them free. They worshiped evil spirits again. It happened over and over.

God sent Samuel to help. God talked to Samuel. Samuel led God’s people. They obeyed God with Samuel there. But the people wanted a king. God wanted them to obey His man. They wanted their own man. God gave them a king. The first king was Saul. Saul disobeyed God. He killed good people. He was a bad king.

God chose a new king. He sent Samuel to find this next king. God chose a youth named David. David cared for sheep. Lions and bears came to his sheep. They tried to eat them. David did not have good weapons. He fought a lion and a bear with a stick. David was brave.

There was a war. David’s brothers went to the army. David visited his brothers in the army. He took them a gift. A big man started to shout. The man was from the enemy. He wanted a man to fight with him. The enemy would win the war if the big man won. The Hebrews would win if the Hebrew won. The man was very big. The Hebrews were afraid. They would not fight.

David grew angry. The Hebrews were God’s people. This man was God’s enemy. God would help His people. David said he would fight the big man. He took a sling. It was a leather strap for throwing rocks. He took five rocks. The big man laughed. He said he would kill David. David killed him.

The people loved David. The king got jealous. He tried to kill him. David hid in the country. People told him to kill the king. David would be king then. David said that was wrong. He would not kill the king.

The bad king died in a war. David was not in the war. David became king. He was a good king. He was sorry when he did wrong. He cared about God. He worshiped God.

God loved David. He made a promise. He said there would always be kings in David’s family. One Son of that family would be the promised Son. He would be king forever.

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