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9. The Snake in the Desert

The Hebrews walked in the desert. They were on their way to their new home. Their farm animals needed rest. Their little children needed rest. They had to go slow. They came near their new home. Moses sent twelve spies to see it. Ten spies said that enemies lived there. They said the enemies were very large. They said the Hebrews could not live in their new home.

Two spies did not say this. They said God would help them. They said they could beat their enemies. God had promised to give them the land. God would help them.

The people listened to the ten spies. They became angry. They wanted to hurt Moses. They did not believe God.

God judged the people. He said they must wait 40 years to go to the new land. The grown people would all be dead in 40 years. Their children would go to the new land. It was a very sad time.

The people camped in the desert for many years. God still loved them. He gave them food. He took care of their needs.

The people still did wrong. One time they said bad things about Moses. They did worse. They said bad things about God.

God punished them. God made snakes come to them. The snakes bit many people. The bites made them sick. Many people died. The people were sorry for saying bad things. Moses asked God to take the snakes away.

God told Moses what to do. Moses made a snake of metal. He put the snake on a pole. He told the people to look at his metal snake. God made everyone who looked at it well from their bites. The snake was not magic. God made them well. God wanted them to trust Him. Looking at the snake was trusting God.

God used the snake for something else, too. People would also have to believe in the Son. Believing in the Son would be trusting God.

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