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8. God’s Law

The people of Egypt were afraid of God. They made the Hebrews go. The Hebrews did not have time to get ready. They even had to take their bread without baking it.

This time was very special. God did unusual things. God sent a special cloud. The cloud was in front of the people. The cloud became fire at night. The cloud moved. It showed the Hebrews where to go.

God made the people go to the Red Sea. They stopped to rest. There were mountains around them. The sea was in front of them.

The king of Egypt was a bad man. He did not learn when God punished him. He wanted to keep the Hebrews for slaves. He called his army. The army chased the Hebrews.

The Hebrews could not run away. The mountains and the sea were in the way. Moses prayed to God. God sent a strong wind. The wind pushed the sea. It made a road in the sea. There was water on both sides of the road. The Hebrews walked on the dry road. The Hebrews got across the sea.

The army followed them then. The Egyptians went on the road. God made the water come back. It covered the road. The king and his army drowned.

The Hebrews walked in the desert. It was hard, but God took care of them.

They came to a mountain. The mountain was called Mount Sinai. God came to the mountain. It looked like it was on fire. Smoke filled the sky. All the Hebrews heard God speak. They were afraid.

Moses went up the mountain. He talked with God. God gave Moses two pieces of stone. God wrote ten laws on the stones. God’s laws told what was right.

God gave Moses more laws. These laws helped people know right from wrong. The laws told people how to please God. God said people must obey the laws or die. God would punish their spirits when they died. The spirits of people who obeyed would live with God when they died.

Those who broke God’s law must pay for it. They must kill an animal. An animal’s blood paid for a person’s wrong. This way they would not be punished. Someday, the Son would pay for every wrong thing everyone did.

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