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7. The Passover

Moses came to Egypt. He went to see the king. His brother Aaron went with him. They asked the king to let the Hebrews go. They wanted to go to the desert. They wanted to worship God there.

The king said, "I do not know your God." He did not like the Hebrews. But he did not want them to go. The king said they must work harder. The king’s men hit the Hebrew work leaders. The king would not listen to them.

God sent Moses back to the king. The king worshiped evil spirits. He thought they were gods. He did wrong. He did not know the true God. The king needed to learn who God was. He needed to learn to obey God.

It was time to teach the king. God did ten things to teach him. Moses and Aaron told the king what God would do. God did it.

The king said he was sorry when a bad thing happened. God made the bad thing go away. The king changed his mind then. He would not let God’s people go. He would not learn.

The king told Moses and Aaron not to come back. He promised to kill them if they did.

Moses said, "You will not see us again." He went back to the Hebrews. He told every Hebrew family to kill a lamb. The lamb was a gift to God. He said to eat the lamb. He also said to put the lamb’s blood on their doors. God would send an angel. The angel would kill the oldest son in each family. The blood on the doors showed where the Hebrews lived. The angel would not kill a Hebrew son.

The angel came in the night. He killed the Egyptian’s oldest sons. The Egyptians began to cry. The king made the Hebrews leave. They had to leave fast. They did not even have time to get ready.

God told the Hebrews to remember what He had done. They were to eat a lamb every year at that time. It would show that God had not hurt them. The lamb’s blood paid for the bad things they did. Hebrew people still do this. The lambs also helped teach about the coming Son. The Son would pay for the bad things people do.

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