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6. Moses

Israel and his family lived in Egypt. They did well there. Time went on. Israel grew very old. He died. Joseph grew very old and died. Many children were born. Israel’s family were called Hebrews. Three hundred years went by. The Hebrews kept having children. They grew too large to call a family. They were a nation now.

There were many Hebrews. The king of Egypt was afraid. The Hebrews might help his enemies. The king made the Hebrews work for him. They were his slaves.

There were still very many Hebrews. The king made a law. The law said all Hebrew boys must die when they were born.

One mother tried to hide her son. He grew too big to hide. She did her best. She made a basket into a boat. She put her son in the boat. She put the boat in the river. It was in the weeds near the shore. The child’s sister watched the little boat.

The king’s daughter came to the river. She found the child. She loved him. She made him her son. She named him Moses.

Moses’ sister spoke to the king’s daughter. She asked if she wanted someone to care for him. The king’s daughter said yes. The sister brought Moses’ own mother.

Moses lived with his parents. He still belonged to the king’s daughter. No one could hurt him. The king’s daughter sent for Moses one day. He lived in the king’s family now. He learned many things. He was a great man.

Moses remembered his family. He wanted to help the Hebrews. He saw an Egyptian hitting a Hebrew. He killed the Egyptian. The king wanted to kill Moses then. Moses ran away.

Moses went to a new country. He made a friend there. This man owned sheep. Moses cared for his friend’s sheep. He married the man’s daughter. They had two sons.

Moses worked with the sheep for many years. He grew old. He cared for the sheep in the desert. God came to Moses one day. Moses saw a bush. The bush was on fire. It did not burn up. Moses went to look at this strange thing. God spoke to him then.

God said he must go back to Egypt. God had heard the Hebrews crying. It was time for them to leave Egypt. God remembered his promise to Abraham and Israel. He had promised to give them their own land. God was ready to keep His promise. He wanted Moses to lead the Hebrews to their new home.

Moses said he was not good enough. God told him to do it anyway. He told him his brother Aaron would help him. Moses obeyed God. He took his family. They went back to Egypt.

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