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4. God’s Friend

Many years went by after the big flood. Noah’s family grew. Many people were born. People left God. They worshiped evil spirits. They made images for the evil spirits to live in. They worshiped the images. They did other evil things.

One man wanted to be holy. That man was Abraham. God spoke to him. God said to leave his friends and family. God told him to go far away. God would show him where to go. God promised to take him to a new land. God promised to give the land to his children. It would be their home. They would become a great nation. Abraham’s family would help all people.

Abraham and his wife Sarah left all they knew. Many years went by. They grew rich. They found the land God promised. They lived in a tent there. One thing was wrong. Abraham and Sarah could not have children. How would their family become great with no children?

God made the same promise to Abraham again. Abraham believed God. God said he was a good man when he believed.

Abraham and Sarah grew very old. They had a son. Only God could give a child to people that old. They named the child Isaac. Abraham could see how God would keep His promise now.

God gave Abraham a test. He told him to kill Isaac. Abraham was still learning about God. He did not know God does not ask people to kill their children. He did not know it was a test. He only knew what God said to him. Abraham took a knife to kill his son.

How could God keep His promise if Isaac died? Abraham believed God’s promise. He believed God would make Isaac alive again.

God stopped Abraham. God did not let him kill Isaac. God told him it was only a test. He did not want him to kill his son. God said he knew Abraham would do whatever He asked now.

We remember Abraham because he believed God. Big things happened in his life. God called him a good man. He learned that God could make dead people alive. He was called the friend of God. All this happened because Abraham believed God.

The special Son would be part of Abraham’s family many years later.

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