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3. The Flood

Adam and Even lived to be very old. They had many children. Their children had children. Very many children were born. They were all like Adam and Eve. They could not be holy. They could not know God.

People grew more and more evil. Men were not true to their wives. People hurt and killed each other. People did many wrong things.

One man still cared about God. He did some wrong things. He could not help it. But he tried to be holy. His name was Noah. Noah’s wife tried to do right. His sons tried to do right. Their wives tried to do right. They were the only family in the world who cared about God.

God grew tired of the evil. He decided to destroy the evil people.

God had promised to send a Son. This Son would make people holy again. This Son could not come if God destroyed all people. People would never know God again then. God chose to save Noah and his family.

God spoke to Noah. It was unusual for God to speak to a man. He told Noah to make a ship. Noah had never seen a ship. God told him how to make it.

Noah believed what God said. He started to make a large ship. He made it of wood. He worked for many years. He was an old man when he got done.

Noah told people they should care about God. He told them they should do right. He said God would send a flood. They would die in the flood. The only hope was his ship. The people did not believe. They did not get on the ship.

Noah took every kind of animal into the ship. He took very much food. He and his family went into the ship. God shut the ship’s door.

God sent a very big flood. It rained. Water came up out of the ground. God made new water and sent it from Heaven. Water covered the whole earth. It even covered the mountains. Every person and animal outside the ship died.

God made the water go away. Noah and his family came out of the ship. They killed an animal. The animal was to pay for the wrong they had done.

God also made a promise to them. He promised not to drown all people again. He made the rainbow to show He had made this promise.

People were still not holy, but they were alive. God could still send the promised Son someday.

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