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The Story in Easy English

1. The Start

What if there was nothing? There would be nothing to make anything from. There would be no power to make anything with. All there would be is empty space. How to get something from nothing is a problem. People have no answer for something from nothing. It is too big of problem for science.

People started asking where everything came from long ago. Somebody answered them. The earliest people heard Someone speak to their hearts. That Someone was God. God was too big for people to understand. He told them what happened. He told people a little at a time. He showed them what He was like. God said that He had always been. He had no beginning. He would have no end. He told them how to act. He told some people to write down what He said. That writing is called the Holy Bible.

God said He made space and the earth. He made them from nothing. He said He did it in seven days. Here is what He did each day.

Day 1
The earth was only water at first. Everything was dark. It was cold and lonely, but God was there. God said, "Let there be light". Light filled the darkness at once. It sounds easy, but God had to make the laws to make light work. God also started time. There could be 24-hour days made of light and dark now.

Day 2
God put air around the earth.

Day 3
God made land and covered the land with plants. It sounds easy, but it was not. Each plant is made of very, very many cells. Plants need to make their own food using light. God gave the cells life. We do not understand life even now.

Day 4
God made the sun, the moon, and the stars. He made the sources of light after He made light. This does not even sound easy.

Day 5
God made sea animals. He also made birds and flying animals.

Day 6
God made land animals. God spoke and they were there. He had to plan all the parts that work together in animals first. It was not easy.

God also made people on Day 6. God did not just speak. He took time to shape them. He shaped the first man from the dust of the earth. He took flesh from the man to make the first woman. The Holy Bible says man was made in the image of God. God does not really have a shape. God gave people spirits, and in this they were like God.

Day 7
God finished making all that there is. God rested.

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