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19. Jesus Heals a Dead Man

We all know about Jesus’ twelve helpers. Jesus had more friends than these. Some friends went places with Jesus. Some friends stayed in one place. One family asked Jesus to visit their home.

This family lived in a small town. The town was near the house of worship. The family were two sisters and one brother. The sisters were Mary and Martha. The brother was Lazarus. Jesus visited their house. He ate there.

A man came to Jesus one day. Mary and Martha had sent him. The man said Lazarus was sick. Mary and Martha wanted Jesus to come heal His friend. Jesus did not come. He said the sick man would get well.

Two days went by. Jesus said, "Let us go to back near the house of worship."

His helpers did not want to go. They said, "The people there want to kill you."

Jesus said, "Our friend is asleep. I am going to wake him up."

His helpers said, "It is good for a sick man to sleep."

Jesus said, "Lazarus is dead." They all went to their friends’ town.

Martha came to meet Jesus. She said, "If you had been here, my brother would not have died."

Jesus told her He could make Lazarus alive again. Martha went for her sister. The sisters took Jesus to the grave. The grave was a cave. A stone closed the door of the cave. Many other people came to the grave. Everyone cried. Jesus cried too.

Jesus surprised them. He said, "Take away the stone."

Martha said, "My brother has been dead four days. His body stinks now." She did not want the cave to be opened.

Jesus said, "I told you I could show you God’s power."

Some men pushed the stone away from the cave.

Jesus spoke loudly. He said, "Lazarus, come out."

Lazarus was dead. When Jesus spoke, he woke up. He got up and walked from the cave. His friends had wrapped him in cloth. Now they took away the cloth. Lazarus was alive and well again.

Jesus has power over death.

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