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20. Jesus the King

Everyone knew that the Son of God must be king. Jesus was the Son of God. He did not act like a king. He was a poor man. He helped people. He did not hurt his enemies. Some people wanted to make Him king. Jesus did not let them. It was not the right time.

Some people did not like Jesus. They were leaders. They wanted to be bosses. They did not want Jesus to be their King. Many people loved Jesus. The leaders were jealous. They wanted to kill Jesus.

Jesus was the Son of God. Everyone needed to know who He was. Everyone needed to choose to obey Him. One day Jesus came to the city where people worshiped. Jesus rode on a donkey. Many of his friends came. They waved branches in the air. They put their coats on the ground. The donkey walked on the coats. The people praised Jesus. They acted like a king was coming to town. The King was coming to town.

The leaders did not like these things. They told Jesus to make the people be quiet. Jesus would not do it. He said God wanted them to praise Him.

Jesus went to the house of worship. People were selling animals there. They did not care much about God. They wanted money. Jesus made a whip. He chased the sellers out of God’s house. He turned their animals loose. He dumped the money on the ground. He said God’s house was for prayer. The Son of God made them honor His Father.

The leaders were angry. They did not like it when Jesus said God was His Father. They were jealous. They planned to kill Him.

Jesus was the King. The leaders did not want Him. Now they had to choose. Would they let the Son of God be their boss? Would they kill the Son of God?

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