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21. Jesus’ Trial

Jesus did much good. He never did wrong. He was kind. He made sick people well. He taught people to do right. Everyone should love Jesus.

Some people did not love Jesus. They wanted to do wrong. Jesus said not to do wrong. They wanted to be bosses. Jesus was the Son of God, and they were jealous. They were jealous when people came to see Jesus. These bad people hated Jesus.

Some of the people who hated Him were rulers of that land. They chose to kill Jesus.

One of Jesus’ helpers was not like Jesus. Judas was bad. Judas talked with Jesus’ enemies. They gave him money. Judas promised to help them find Jesus. Jesus would be alone. There would be no one to help Him.

Jesus ate with his helpers. He gave them bread. He said the bread was like His body. He gave them grape juice. He said the juice was like His blood. Jesus meant He would be killed. No one would need to die for doing wrong then. Jesus would die for them.

Jesus went to pray alone. His helpers went to sleep near Him. Judas came. Soldiers came with him. They caught Jesus. They took Him to the rulers. The soldiers hit Jesus. The rulers let people lie about Jesus. The liars said Jesus had done wrong. They could not prove what they said. The rulers said, "Are you the Son of God?"

Jesus said, "I am."

The rulers called Jesus a liar. They said He must die.

The Romans did not let these rulers kill people. Only a Roman ruler could say a man must die. The rulers took Jesus to the Roman ruler. He knew Jesus had not done wrong. He knew the other rulers were jealous.

The Roman ruler wanted people to like him. He gave the other rulers what they wanted. He said Jesus must die.

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