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22. Jesus Dies

The Roman ruler gave Jesus to his soldiers. They hit Jesus with whips. They made a cross. A cross was two pieces of wood. The wood was nailed together. It looked like this. t The Romans killed bad people by nailing them to crosses.

The soldiers made Jesus carry His cross. They took two bad men with Him. They took them to a hill. The hill was outside the city. They nailed Jesus to the cross. The nails were in His hands and feet. Other soldiers had made a crown out of thorns. The crown was on Jesus’ head. The thorns stuck into Him. The nails went through Him. He had been hit and whipped. Jesus hurt very much.

The soldiers stood the cross up. Jesus hung from the cross for everyone to see. His blood ran down. Jesus’ friends watched. They felt bad. Jesus’ mother was there. Jesus told His friend John to take care of her.

Jesus’ enemies were there too. They said unkind things to Jesus. They said, "If you are the Son of God, come down from the cross." They said "He saved other people. He cannot save Himself."

The Romans made a sign for Jesus’ cross. The sign said, "Jesus of Nazareth, the King of the Jews."

Two bad men hung on crosses too. They were on both sides of Jesus. One of the bad men said unkind things to Jesus.

The other bad man said to be quiet. He said, "We should die, because we are bad. Jesus is not bad. He should not die." He said to Jesus, "Lord, remember me when You are King." He knew that Jesus would still be King some day.

Jesus said, "You will be with me in a good place today."

Jesus was getting weak. He had lost much blood. The cross made it hard for Him to breathe. His heart was wearing out. Jesus got thirsty. Someone tried to give Him vinegar to drink.

He cried out. He said, "My God, My God, why have You left Me?"

Jesus said, "Father, I put my spirit in Your hands." Then He died.

The soldiers wanted to know He was dead. They stabbed Him in the side. More blood came out. Water came out too. The soldiers knew Jesus was dead when they did this.

One of the Jewish rulers really loved Jesus. He asked the Roman ruler to give him Jesus’ body.

The Roman ruler called the boss of the soldiers. He said, "Is he really dead?"

The soldier said, "He is dead."

The Roman ruler gave the Jewish ruler Jesus’ body. This man owned a grave. It was a cave. The grave was empty. They wrapped Jesus’ body in cloth. They put it in the grave. They shut the door of the cave. They shut the door by putting a large stone in front of it.

The Roman ruler did not want Jesus’ friends to have His body. He put a wax seal on the stone door. He told soldiers to stand by the grave. Jesus was dead. No one could take His body.

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