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23. Jesus Comes to Life Again

Jesus was dead. His body lay in the grave. It was the day of rest. The law said no one could work on this day. No one could take care of Jesus’ body.

It was very early Sunday morning. The day of rest was over. The soldiers were watching the grave. The soldiers were strong and brave. All at once, an angel came from Heaven. There was an earthquake. The soldiers were afraid. The grave was a cave. The angel rolled the stone away from the cave door. The soldiers were so afraid they fell down.

Jesus came out of the cave. He was not dead any more. God had made Him alive again.

The soldiers ran away.

Some women came to the grave. They were Jesus’ friends. They wanted to take care of his body. They could not move the stone. They hoped someone would help them.

They came to the grave. The soldiers were gone. Someone had already moved the stone. Jesus was not in the grave anymore. The women did not know what to think.

Two angels were there. They looked like men in white clothes. They asked the women, "Why are you looking for a living man with the dead people? Jesus is not here. He is risen like he said. Come see where he lay."

The women looked into the cave. They saw the cloth Jesus had been wrapped in. Jesus was gone. They ran to find Jesus’ other friends. They said Jesus was alive.

One of the women came back to the grave. She was named Mary. She was not the same Mary as Jesus’ mother. She stood outside the grave. She cried.

A man came to her. The man said, "Who are you looking for? Why are you crying?"

Mary thought he was a worker. She said, "They have taken my Lord’s body. Please give me his body."

The man was Jesus. He said, "Mary."

Mary heard Jesus say her name. Now, she knew who he was. She worshipped Him.

Jesus’ helpers Peter and John heard the women say Jesus was alive again. They did not think Jesus was alive. They ran to the grave to look. They saw what the women saw. Jesus was gone. The cloth he was wrapped in was still there. They knew Jesus was alive then.

Jesus came and showed Himself to his friends many times. He was still Jesus. The nail holes were still in his hands. There was still a hole in his side where the soldiers stabbed him. He was also different. He could come into locked rooms. He could disappear. His body had changed.

Jesus stayed on earth for 40 more days. He told his friends to go tell the world about him. Then, Jesus went back to Heaven. He flew into the air. He went higher and higher. A cloud covered him.

Jesus’ friends looked up into the sky. They were surprised. While they looked, two angels came. They said, "Why are you looking into the sky? This same Jesus will come back in a cloud someday." He will be King when he comes.

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