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Discovering the Son of God

What the Man with Many Demons Discovered

Jesus and His disciples crossed over the Sea of Galilee. Jesus’ home stood on the west shore of this large lake. A foreign country lay on the east shore. People traveled freely between the two countries in those days.

Jesus received an unfriendly greeting to this foreign country, however. A strange man came running to meet Him. The man was dangerous and frightening. Cuts and bruises covered his naked body. He screamed often. He lived in the cemetery. No one could control him. When people chained him, he broke the chains. The man’s strength went far beyond an ordinary person’s strength. He was filled with evil spirits, or demons. The man came running to Jesus. Many people would have been afraid, but Jesus was the Son of God. Demons didn’t frighten him.

The man’s demons were afraid of Jesus! The evil spirits caused the man to speak. He said, "Jesus, Son of God, did you come to punish us before our time?" The demons knew Jesus is the Son of God. They knew that someday He will judge them and punish them in Hell. They knew He could punish them right then if He chose. The demons begged Jesus not to send them to Hell immediately.

Jesus said, "What is your name?" The demons said, "Our name is Legion because there are many of us." A legion was a large unit of soldiers in the Roman army. A legion was made of about 1,000 soldiers. The man was filled with many evil spirits.

Jesus told the demons they had to leave the man.

The demons didn’t want to go to Hell before the end of the world. They begged Jesus to let them go somewhere else. A large herd of pigs was eating on a nearby hill. The demons begged Jesus to let them enter the pigs.

Jesus said they could go.

The demons worked for the devil. They acted like the devil and always did evil. When they entered the pigs, they treated them cruelly. They caused the pigs to run down the hill. The lake lay at the bottom of the hill. The pigs fell into the lake and drowned.

Jesus is the Son of God. He is God, and He is like God. He always does good things. Jesus changed the man’s life into a happy life. The man was no longer dangerous and strange. He put on clothes. He quit screaming. He sat near to Jesus and listened to what He said.

Demons are more powerful than ordinary people. They are not more powerful than the Son of God.

Jesus needed to return home. He and his disciples went to their boat to leave. The man who had been filled with demons begged Jesus to let him come too.

Jesus said, "No. You go home. Tell everyone what good things God has done for you."

The man went home. He told many people how the Son of God had set him free.

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