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Discovering the Son of God

What Seventy Preachers Discovered

One day, Jesus chose seventy of the men who followed Him. He asked them to travel and preach. They must tell people the kingdom of God was coming. Jesus was Christ, and Christ was to be king. Those who believed in Him would be part of His spiritual kingdom. They would obey Him as their King. Later, those who believed would be part of His heavenly kingdom.

Jesus didn’t make it easy for these seventy men. He wanted them to learn to trust God. He wanted them to see God’s power in their own lives. He said, "Don’t take any money with you. Wear sandals instead of shoes. Don’t talk to people along the road." People who believed what they said would invite them into their homes. They must stay with those who invited them. They were not to go to other houses for better food.

Jesus said, "When a city welcomes you, eat the food they give you. Heal all the sick people you find. Tell them ‘The kingdom of God has come near you.’" These men were not doctors. They couldn’t heal sick people on their own, but God would give them power.

Jesus also warned them. "The people in some cities will not welcome you. When they don’t, go out in the street. Wipe the dust off your feet. Tell them, ‘We’re wiping the dust of your city off from us. This is a sign that God will judge you. But even then, know that God’s kingdom has come near you."

The seventy preachers went out. They didn’t take much with them. They didn’t try to get rich. They didn’t try to get the best food. They preached about Jesus and His kingdom. They were just ordinary men who believed in Jesus. Exciting things began to happen. Sick people became well when they prayed for them. They found people who were filled with evil spirits, or demons. They ordered the demons to leave in Jesus’ name. The demons left. Nobody could control demons except for Jesus. It was a wonderful time when they worked in the power of God. The men became excited.

At last the men came back. They were still excited. They told Jesus what had happened. They said, "Even evil spirits obey when we speak in Your name."

Jesus said, "Don’t be happy that demons obey you. Be happy because your names are written in Heaven." Jesus meant that they belonged to God. He also meant that Heaven would be their home someday. This promise was even better than having great spiritual power on earth.

Jesus is the Son of God. These men did the job Jesus gave them. They did it with the power He gave them. They learned how wonderful the Son of God is.

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