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Discovering the Son of God

What Jesus Said to John

After he baptized Jesus, John knew that Jesus is the Son of God. He knew that Jesus was greater than he was. John worked to get people ready to listen to God’s Son. John had a special place among God’s people. Then, something very bad happened. The king’s officers arrested John.

John had not done anything wrong. He was arrested for doing his job. God gave John the job of warning people. He warned them about their sins. John told sinful people to change. This change is called repentance. God had promised to forgive people who repented. One person whom John warned was the king. The king had sinned. He had married his brother’s wife. His brother was still alive. John told him he was breaking God’s law.

The king was angry with John. He sent him to prison. John became discouraged in prison. He began to worry. What if Jesus wasn’t really Christ? What if He wasn’t really the Son of God? If Jesus wasn’t the Son of God, then all John’s work would be wasted. If Jesus wasn’t the Son of God, John was in prison for no good reason.

John sent two of his disciples to see Jesus. He said, "Ask Him: ‘Are you Christ, or are we still waiting for Him?’" John really knew Jesus was Christ, but he was very discouraged.

John’s friends came to Jesus. Jesus was busy. He was doing very unusual things. The things Jesus did were too hard to explain by science. Jesus did these things by God’s power. Unusual things done by God’s power are called miracles. He was healing sick people. He didn’t heal them with medicine. He told them to get well, and they became well immediately. He told blind people to see, and they could see immediately. Jesus told crippled people to walk. He told people who had terrible skin diseases to be well. He told deaf people to hear. These people were healed right away. Many people came to see Jesus and be made well.

Other people were filled with evil spirits. The evil spirits made them do strange things. The evil spirits tortured them. They were very unhappy. Evil spirits had great power. People were afraid of them. Jesus told the evil spirits to leave the people they filled. They left.

One day, Jesus saw a group of unhappy people. A young man had died. He was his mother’s only son. She had no one left to care for her. Friends were carrying the dead man away to bury him. Jesus stopped them. He said, "Young man, I say to you, ‘Get up.’" The young man came back to life.

Nobody else could do the things Jesus did. The things He did were impossible, but Jesus did them anyway. He did these miracles to show everyone that He is the Son of God.

Jesus said to John’s disciples, "Go tell John what you’ve seen. Tell him about the blind, deaf, sick, and crippled people I’ve made well. Tell him about the evil spirits I have chased away. Tell him about the dead man I brought to life. Say to him, "God will bless you if you don’t get discouraged because of Me."

Jesus didn’t just tell John that He is the Son of God. He showed that He is the Son of God. Then He told John’s disciples to tell what they saw.

Next, Jesus told the people around him that John was a very great man. Even though John was discouraged, God still cared about him. He was a very special person. God had sent him to tell people about His Son.

We remember John as John the Baptist. He is called by this name because he baptized people. John never got out of prison. The king’s wife tricked him into killing John. John died as a hero for God.

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