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Discovering the Son of God

What Jesus Said for All the World

Jesus had risen from the dead. It would soon be time for Him to return to His Father in Heaven. He stayed on earth for 40 days. He used those days well. He came to his followers again and again. He proved to them that He really was alive. He ate food. He touched them. They touched Him. He talked with them. He did at least one miracle. Once 500 people saw Him at the same time. He wanted everyone to know He was alive again.

Jesus was ready to leave the earth and return to Heaven. He gave His followers directions before He left. He told them to wait at Jerusalem. They were to stay there until the Holy Spirit came into them. The Holy Spirit is God. When He came to them, He would give them power. Then they were to go to the whole world. Jesus told them to tell the good news about Him to all people.

The Bible talks about the Son of God. It talks about the Father. It also talks about the Spirit of God or the Holy Spirit. Because of these words, many people think that Christians believe in three Gods. This idea is not true. Christians believe in one God. We believe that within that one God are three Persons. The Persons are the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Each of them has His own personality. They are also together in such a way that they are only one. It is a very hard teaching to understand. For humans to be three and one at the same time is impossible. God is not a human. He is a Spirit. God can be three and one at the same time because He is a Spirit.

The disciples were to tell the story of Jesus. Jesus is God. They were to tell that He came to earth and became a man. He lived a good life. He died. He died for a reason. He died to take our punishment. Jesus came back to life after He was dead. Now sin has been punished. Anyone who will believe in Jesus can be forgiven. Anyone who believes in Jesus can live forever.

Living forever will not be like living now. People who live today feel much sadness. Many bad things happen to them. People who live forever go to Heaven. It is God’s home. God will take care of them there. No one will die. No one will be sick. No one will be cruel. Living forever with God is wonderful.

After 40 days, Jesus took His followers into the country. They went up on a hill. His followers didn’t understand God’s plan. One of them asked, "Will You become the king of Israel now?"

Jesus said, "It isn’t for you to know about the future. You will be given God’s power. Then go tell the world about me." He prayed for them. After He prayed, Jesus rose up into the air. He rose above the ground. He went higher and higher. He entered a cloud. His friends couldn’t see Him anymore.

Jesus’ disciples stood looking into the sky. Then, two angels came. The angels looked like men in white clothing. They said, "Why are you standing looking into Heaven? This same Jesus who went away will come again. He will come the same way He went.

Jesus has been back in Heaven for nearly 2,000 years. His first followers obeyed Him. They began telling everyone in the world about Him. They told how He died for our sins. They told how He rose from the dead. They told that anyone who trusts in Him will receive forgiveness and will happily live forever.

Today, those who believe in Jesus are still going to all the world. We still tell people that Jesus died for our sins. We tell them that He rose from the dead. We tell them they can live forever if they’ll believe in Him. We are still waiting for the day when He comes back in the sky and in a cloud. Then the dead will come back to life. All those who have trusted in Jesus will fly up into the air to be with Him.

What about you? Do you believe the story of Jesus? Do you believe that you have sinned? You also need to know that people must be punished for sin. Jesus died to be punished. He didn’t sin, but He was punished for us. Do you believe this? If you do, you need to do one more thing. You need to believe in Jesus for yourself. It isn’t enough just to believe about Jesus. You need to trust Him. Trusting is depending on Jesus to forgive you and give you yourself the life that lasts forever. It is depending on Him to make things right between you and God. As soon as you trust in Him, you will have everlasting life.

But these are written that you might believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God; and that believing you might have life through his name. (John 20:31)

That if you shall confess with your mouth the Lord Jesus, and shall believe in your heart that God has raised him from the dead, you shall be saved. (Romans 10:9)

(Being saved means being forgiven and having the life that lasts forever.)

For more information, see Jesus and You and How to Have a Relationship with God. You may also contact this writer at mail@welcomevalley.com.

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