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Discovering the Son of God

What the Blind Man Discovered

Jesus walked in Jerusalem. Many people walked along with Him. They listened to His words. They hoped to see Him heal sick people. Jesus and this crowd passed a blind man. The man had been born blind. Doctors couldn’t help him.

Blind people didn’t have many opportunities in those days. This man earned his living by begging. He sat by the road asking for money. People coming from the temple sometimes gave money to him.

Someone saw the blind man. He said, "Teacher, why was this man born blind? Did he sin, or was it his parents who sinned?" Most people thought handicaps were God’s punishment.

Jesus said, "This man didn’t sin. His parents didn’t sin. He was born blind so God could show His power."

Jesus didn’t mean that the man had never sinned at all. He meant that he was no worse than anyone else. His blindness was not punishment.

Jesus stopped. He spit on the ground and mixed dirt into the saliva. He scooped up the mud He had just made. Then, He rubbed this mud on the blind man’s eyes. "Go wash your eyes in the pool of Siloam," said Jesus.

The man did what Jesus said. When he washed off the mud, he could see! Jesus had healed another blind man.

Everyone should have been happy about what Jesus did for the blind man. Everyone wasn’t happy. The man belonged to a synagogue. The leaders of the synagogue were jealous of Jesus. They wouldn’t believe He is the Son of God. They didn’t want to believe Jesus had done a miracle. These leaders had already made a decision. They said, "Anyone that believes Jesus is Christ can no longer belong to our synagogue."

A synagogue is a group who meet to study the Bible and worship. It is similar to a Christian church.

The leaders asked the man how he got well.

The formerly blind man said, "A man named Jesus made mud. He rubbed it on my eyes and told me to wash them. After I washed, I could see."

The leaders still did not believe. They called for the man’s parents. The parents came. The leaders asked, "Is this your son who was born blind?"

The man’s parents were afraid. They knew how the leaders felt about Jesus. They didn’t want to leave the synagogue. They didn’t tell the whole truth. They said, "We know this is our son. We know he was born blind. We know he can see now. We don’t know what happened to give him sight."

Their words didn’t help the leaders. The leaders called for the blind man again. They asked him what made his eyes well.

The man who had been blind said, "I already told you. If I tell you again, will you be Jesus’ followers too?"

The leaders became angry. They said, "We only follow Moses the prophet. We know Moses came from God. We don’t know where Jesus came from."

The man said, "I am surprised you don’t know! I was born blind. Nobody has ever healed a man who was born blind. Jesus made me well. This power can only come from God."

The leaders told the man he must leave their synagogue. He was on his own now.

Later, the man went to the temple. The temple was a place where all Jews could worship. It didn’t matter there about the synagogue.

Jesus found the man in the temple. He said, "Do you believe in the Son of God?"

The man said, "Who is He, Lord, so I can believe?"

Jesus said, "He is talking to you."

The man said, "Lord, I believe."

The proud religious men didn’t believe in Jesus because they were jealous. They didn’t want to believe. They didn’t believe because of the sin in their hearts. The man who had been blind was willing to believe. Because he was willing to believe, he could know the truth. He learned the truth about Jesus. Jesus is the Son of God.

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