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Two Men Who Made Houses

Jesus came from Heaven. He came to take away our sins. He also came to say what God has desire for us to be like. Many people came to hear Jesus. They did not all do what he said. Jesus gave this story to give us understanding that we need always to do what he says.

Two men made new houses. One man made a deep hole in the ground. He came to solid rock under the ground. He made his house on the rock. The other man did not do so much work. He made his house on the sand. He made his house quickly.

A storm came. Rain came from the sky. The wind came. The water took away the sand.

The first man’s house did not need the sand. It was on solid rock. That house was still there after the storm.

The house on the sand was in trouble. The water took away the sand. There was nothing to hold the house up. It fell down. The house on the sand came to destruction.

Jesus is the way to God. We are only able to do right if we do what he says. We can only have life that never ends if we put our faith in him. If we put our faith in him, we will be like the house on the rock. If we do not put our faith in him, we will come to destruction.

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