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The Loss of a Sheep and the Loss of Silver

Many religious people in Jesus’ day were proud. These people said they were better than others. They would not have anything to do with a bad person.

Jesus was good to bad people. He had food with bad people. He let them come near when he talked.

The proud people made complaints about Jesus. They said, “He lets bad people come to him. He lets bad people take food with him.”

Jesus gave these two stories to answer the complaints.

What if a man has 100 sheep? What if one sheep is gone? That man will go away from the 99 sheep. He will go after the sheep he has loss of. He will look till he sees it.

The man will put the sheep on his shoulders. He will take the sheep home. He will be happy.

The man will say to his friends, “Come to my house. Be happy with me. My sheep that was gone is home again.”

God's angels are happy when a bad person comes home to God.

What if a woman has 10 small silver things? What if one is gone? She will put light in her lamp. She will clean her house. She will look with much care. She will look till she sees her small silver thing.

She will be happy when she has all her silver again. She will say to her friends and neighbors,” Come to my house. Be happy with me. I have my small silver thing that was gone!”

Jesus said, “There is happiness in heaven when one bad person says no to sin and yes to God.”

To learn how to say no to sin and yes to God, click here: Jesus and You

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