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The Farmer

Jesus’ teaching was not always easy. At times people had trouble with their understanding of his stories. Even his best friends had trouble with their understanding. One of these stories was the story of the farmer.

A farmer went out to his field. He put grain in the ground. He did this by dropping the grain [seeds] on top of the loose soil. He walked across his field many times. He dropped the grain as he walked. The grain went down into the soft soil.

The farmer walked near the road part of the time. The grain went down on the hard road. Birds took that grain.

Some of the grain went down in a place with many rocks. That grain came up. The plants looked good. A time came when rain did not come. The plants did not have deep roots. They came to death.

Some of the grain went where there were bad plants. The bad plants came up with the grain. The bad plants used the water the grain needed. The bad plants kept the light from the good plants. The grain did not do well.

Some of the grain came down where the soil was good. This grain came up too. Its roots went deep into the soil. It got to be tall. It made much new grain.

Jesus’ friends did not have knowledge of the meaning of this story. They said to Jesus, “Give us the meaning of this story.”

Jesus said, “The grain is God’s words. The farmer is the person who says to other people the things God said. The soil is people who hear God’s words.

The road is like people who do not have respect for God’s words. The evil one stops them from having faith in God’s words. The evil one is like the birds that took the grain.

Some people are like the place with many rocks. They are happy when God’s words come. They have faith in God’s words. They do the things God says to do. Then trouble comes. Their faith gets weak. God’s words do not make a difference in them then.

Some grain came up among bad plants. Some people let trouble and pleasure take their memory of God’s words. These people are like this soil. They only do a little good. They do not come to be the people God has desire for them to be.

The good soil is like people who hear God’s words. They have faith in God’s words. God comes to them. He makes them different. These people do the things God says. They do much good. They make God happy.”

Now Jesus’ friends had understanding.

Here is how to know that you are good soil: Jesus and You

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