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The Disgraceful Son

Jesus gave this story to say how much God cares about bad people.

A man had two sons. The youngest son said, “Give me the money that will be mine when you come to death.” This was a strange thing to say. He did not have normal respect for his father.

His father gave him the money while he was still living.

The youngest son took the money. He went away from his father’s home. He went far away. He went to a different country.

The youngest son did things to give his father shame. He used the money on disgraceful things. He used all the money quickly. He was foolish.

A time of trouble came to the far away country. The youngest son had no money. He had desire for food. He needed to work. Work was hard to get. A farmer gave him work. The work was giving food to pigs. People in the youngest son’s home said pigs were bad. The work gave him shame.

The payment for this work was not good. The youngest son did not have enough food. He had desire for the food he gave to the pigs.

The youngest son had memory of his home. His father’s servants had much food. He did not have food. He had desire to go home. Was he able to go home? He had done wrong. He had not had respect for his father.

The youngest son said, “I will go to my father. I will say that I have done wrong. I will say I did wrong in front of God. I will say I did wrong to my father. I will not say I have desire to be his son again. I will say I have desire to be my father’s servant.”

The son walked away from the pigs. He went home.

The father looked up. He saw his youngest son. The youngest son was still far away. The father went quickly to his son. He gave him a kiss.

The youngest son said, “I have done wrong. I am not good enough be your son. Please let me be your servant.”

The father did not give attention to these words. He said for his servants to come. He said for them to get good things to dress his son in. He said to make special food. The father gave his son a gold ring. He made a party for the youngest son.

The father’s oldest son came to the house from his work. He heard the party. He said, “What is the noise?”

A servant said, “Your brother came home. Your father sent for his friends. They are having food. Everyone is happy.”

The oldest son was angry. He did not go in the house.

The father came out to the oldest son. He said, “What is wrong?”

The oldest son said, “I have worked for you many years. I have done what you said to do. You never gave me a party. Your evil son came home. You gave him a party.”

The father said, “It is right to be happy. Everything I still have will be yours when I come to death. You are always with me. Your brother was lost. He is ours again. Your brother came to death. He came to life again.”

Jesus said God’s angels are happy when bad people change their lives. This change is being sorry for our sins. This change is having faith in God and in Jesus. God changes us when we are sorry and have faith. He comes to us. He gives us life. God is happy when a person comes home to him.

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