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Seeking Death

I just tried to kill a couple houseflies. There wasn't anything wrong with the fly swatter, but I missed. My failure doesn't represent much of a second chance. Those flies were already seeking death. Prior to my attack, they were trying hard to find their way inside the cover of a fluorescent light fixture. If they can possibly find their way inside, they will soon join the dead bodies of the flies that reached that goal. For whatever total joy that light offers, it also offers death.

Why do flies die in such an obviously happy place? Do they get too hot in there? Do they wear themselves out in glee? Do they starve? Some scientist can probably explain why flies die in lights. Explanations or otherwise, the black buzzing creatures continue their compulsive flight to the place of death.

Flies aren't known for their intelligence. We'd almost expect them to flock to disaster. What is harder to understand is the tendency of humans to beat themselves out for the privilege of dying from seemingly pleasurable activities. Something draws people to the cigarette displays at convenience stores even when everyone knows what smoking does to the body. People flock to crowded bars, forgetting the graves of those who died of alcoholism started at those same bars.

They also seem to forget what drunkenness does to the soul. For that matter people proudly pursue pornography, illicit relationships, and even perverted relationships with hardly a thought of the inner death that remains after the pleasure is over. Others frantically pile up treasures on earth while ignoring Heaven. Like flies working to find their way into a brightly lit death chamber, people willingly choose sin when "the wages of sin is death".

Why is death, which we fear, so sweet and life, which we love, so unattractive? Why do flies seek the dangerous confines of light fixtures? Why do people choose temporary lifestyles that lead to eternal death instead of choosing Christ? Why is the human passion to die like flies? Why indeed?

For the wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord. –Romans 6:23

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