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The materials on this web site including (but not limited to) the Bible stories, the section entitled “How to Have a Relationship with God,” all the material in the Bible study section, the easy English stories, and the various essays have been released to the public domain by the author, C. David Cash. The sites listed on the links page remain the property of their respective owners.

The term "public domain" refers to material which is not covered by copyright. For example, very old writings are no longer covered by their original copyrights. Other material, such as most of what you'll find on this web site, is not copyrighted because the author has voluntarily given up his copyright so the material may be used for the common good.

You are free to copy these public domain materials in any way, shape or form. You may publish them either for free distribution or for sale. You may copy or publish them by any means, manual, mechanical, electronic, etc. You cannot, of course, honestly claim authorship of any of them, and you cannot copyright them.  

If you should choose to change these public domain materials, the author holds no claim that would prevent you from doing so. It should be noted, however, that the author does not have the authority to release you from the claims of God. Should you try to use this literature in such a way as to dishonor God, to ridicule Christianity, to teach doctrines contrary to the Scriptures, or to otherwise harm Jesus Christ or his followers, God still has the right to bring you into judgment both on this earth and in the world to come. Do what you do with care. 

Special Note to Missionaries or Translators

It is hoped that these materials will prove useful outside of the North American setting in which they were written and initially electronically published. Translation to other languages is encouraged, and since it is public domain material, no permission, etc. is necessary.

However, it is requested that any competent translators share their work with the original publisher for possible inclusion on this web site. Volunteers to create public domain translations for this project are also wanted. If you know both English and any other language well and are a born-again Christian, please contact mail@welcomevalley.com Thank you.

This work is in the pubic domain and may be copied and distributed freely.


How to Have a Relationship with God

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