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Discovering the Son of God

Discovering the Son of God: Introduction

This part of The Welcome Valley Reader should help people who are learning English. Discovering the Son of God is for those who have had some practice reading English. People who are just beginning English studies should read The Story in Easy English first.

Discovering the Son of God is more than language practice. It also tells about the life of Jesus Christ. The stories in this series look at who Jesus claimed to be. Jesus called Himself the Son of God. He meant that He was both God and man. These stories are the stories of real people who knew Jesus and found His claim true. The stories are all based on the Holy Bible, but they are told in the writer’s own words.

Jesus Christ was a very unusual person. He did things no one else could do. He did impossible things. His story might seem too good to be true to some people. Many of us do believe this story, however. One reason we believe is the difference believing in Jesus makes in a person’s life. Those changes are so powerful that many of us even believe Jesus rose from the dead and lives today. His power to change lives leads us to believe He really is the Son of God. It is the only way we can explain what He does for those who trust in Him. You are free to choose what you believe about Jesus. You owe it to yourself to at least think about His story.

You may or may not be interested in Jesus Christ. You are still welcome to practice your English with these stories. You may or may not want English practice. You are still welcome to read about Jesus in these stories.

Please contact the writer at mail@welcomevalley.com with any questions.

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