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Introduction to the Welcome Valley Bible Study

This section is an aid for those who wish to study their Bibles. It is especially hoped that it will help new Christians 1) to come to a fuller understanding of what it means to live the Christian life, 2) to avoid the false teachings and deceptions that so often pose as Bible-based doctrines, and 3) to appreciate more fully what God has done for them.  It is also hoped that those who are not Christians will be able to understand the essence of the Christian faith and that those who wish to become Christians will learn how to do so as they participate in these studies.

These studies may prove a bit different than other Bible studies you have participated in; although, the format is by no means unique. It is a study guide, not a sermon on what you should believe. You will find four components in its lessons. These parts include:

1. A portion of one or more verses from the Bible. For now, the text quoted is from the classic King James Bible. Not only is it possibly the best English Bible translation ever made, but also it is in the public domain in most of the world and can be quoted freely. If you’re uncomfortable with the old-fashioned English, you can read the same verses in the Bible of your choice.

2. A list of related Scriptures for you to look up in your Bible and read. These Scriptures are ones that will have some bearing on the passage in the text  that you are studying. Sometimes they address the same theme or use similar words. Other times, they can help you gain a broader picture of what the Bible teaches than can be gained by limiting oneself to the main study text.

3. Sometimes a section of background information will be included.  Unlike the Bible verses, the teachings found in the “Background Information” are not part of the Word of God. They are simply the kind of information normally gained by years of study that should help you to get the most from the text and to relate it to the bigger picture of Christian teaching.

4. A list of questions to help you think about the Scriptures being studied.

Please do not think that these lessons will provide you with complete knowledge of these parts of the Bible. Bible study is a lifetime activity. Concentrated studies such as these can help introduce you to passages and doctrines in the Bible, but only as you read God’s Word on a regular basis and as you turn to it for answers to the questions that come up in your life can you really get to know the Bible.

A word about the format is also in order. The pages are laid out a bit differently than the rest of the site in that they use a smaller font and don't have the banner picture. This layout is designed to aid those who might wish to print the lessons for use in a group Bible study, adult Sunday school class, etc. If you are reading online and wish to enlarge the font, I'd be happy to help you--just contact me at mail@welcomevalley.com.

Maybe it is important to explain why a person should study the Bible. The Bible is like no other book in history. It claims to be God’s only directly given written communication to the human race. This claim is backed up by the historic teachings of the Christian religion and, for the Old Testament portion, the Jewish religion. Millions of people have lived and died by the conviction that what the Bible says, God says. Countless masses would testify to the power of its teachings to change lives for the better. The God Who used the Bible as one of His main means of revealing Himself to human beings is a good and loving God Who has given us a book that can make our lives better. For those who have yet to establish a relationship with this God, the Bible holds the key not only to a better earthly life, but also to the heavenly life that last forever. The reason you need to study the Bible, then, is that it is too powerful of force for good in any life to neglect. You owe it to yourself.

It is hoped to expand this section to cover more portions of the Bible. For now, the books of 1 John, 2 John, and 3 John are available. The first forty-eight installments of a study of the Gospel of John are now online, and more are waiting revision. The brief study of Philippians follows a different format.

If you have questions, please feel free to discuss them with your minister, a Christian friend, the person who may have introduced you to this study, or directly with the author/publisher at mail@welcomevalley.com.

In the meantime, open your Bible and start the adventure.

This work is in the pubic domain and may be copied and distributed freely.


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